Electrical and Electronics Engineering

 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department

About us

Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses develop our trainees with a firm foundation in electronics, plus the specialist skills required to work at the forefront of electrical engineering, power and control. These courses will expose the graduates to the latest developments in electrical and electronic engineering through high-quality teaching, and via our laboratory/workshops as well as industrial training and study visits.

As part of this programme, trainees have to undergo the mandatory complete a Professional Training placement (industrial attachment). These will give them the opportunity to develop their professional, academic and personal potential, equipping them to be adaptable, resilient, globally minded, confident, entrepreneurial and digitally savvy in the workplace. These qualities are widely recognised by employers and a significant proportion of students.

Aim of the department

The aim of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department in IPRC Gishari is to equip learners/trainees with hands on skills required at labor market and to fix performance deficiency as it can be requested by client.

The department encompasses two Advanced Diploma options:

  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Technology.

Facilities and staff

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has highly trained and qualified staff complemented by well-equipped laboratories and workshops. There are also computer facilities within the department in addition to the institution computer rooms.

The department has the following laboratories and workshops:

  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electronic Workshop.
  • Pneumatic lab
  • Electronic Lab
  • Computer lab


Our Address

Eastern Province, Rwamagana District,Gishari Sector

  • +250788329149

  • P.o.Box 60 Rwamagana

  • info@iprcgishari.rp.ac.rw

  • www.iprcgishari.rp.ac.rw