Vocational Training

Program Background

This program has been created in March 2013 immediately after establishment of Integrated Polytechnic Regional College of Gishari. This programme is very important since quality and relevant vocational education and training can provide people, and especially youth, with the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the jobs of today or tomorrow. The provision of relevant job skills can therefore be a robust means of empowering people to seize employment opportunities or equip them for self-employment.

The need for Vocational Training Department is very crucial as it also contribute to train practical skilled technicians for construction industry through defferents Vocational Training Trades where students are awarded with certificate after completing practical training modules.

The department has the following trades:

    Automobile Engine Technology
    Domestic Electricity
    Domestic Plumbing
    Welding and Sheet metal
    Fire Fighting and Rescue

Departmental Mission

Vocational Training Department has the initiative to empower all trainees through improved practical skills, knowledge, at both national and regionally level to gain access for satisfaction employment and ensure their competitiveness on the labour market.


    To train unskilled, semi-skilled and unemployed Rwandans in line with National Employment Program (NEP).
    To develop the professional knowledge and skills required for the practice of a profession.
    To evaluate the trainee’ level, in order for them to become competitive professionals in the near future.
    To satisfy the continuously changing needs on the labour market.
    To Promote good cooperation with all stakeholders and companies
    To engage students into practical skills for Technical and professional development.


Our Address

Eastern Province, Rwamagana District,Gishari Sector

  • +250788329149

  • P.o.Box 60 Rwamagana

  • info@iprcgishari.rp.ac.rw

  • www.iprcgishari.rp.ac.rw