Civil Engineering

We give you a warm welcome to Civil Engineering Department (C.E). This is one of the three academic departments within IPRC Gishari. The department has qualified staff that graduated from well-known universities in the country and abroad.

The general objective of Civil Engineering Department is to produce competent technicians who have good mastery of the necessary theory and practice for immediate productive value to the civil engineering industry in Rwanda and beyond. Currently, the department offers a three years training in the option of Construction Technology (CT).

The department is equipped with Modern Surveying Equipment that strengthens practices. In addition, it has three well equipped workshops namely Masonry, Carpentry and Plumbing workshops for practical skills related to civil engineering works.


Academic information


Entry Requirements in Civil Engineering Department / Construction Technology option




TVET Options

General Subjects Combinations

Civil Engineering

Construction Technology

·         Carpentry Construction

·         Public Works

·         Surveying

Physics- Economics- Mathematics (PEM)
Physics- Chemistry- Mathematics (PCM)
Physics- Chemistry- Biology (PCB)
Mathematics- Physics- Geography (MPG)
Mathematics- Economics- Geography (MEG)
Mathematics- Chemistry- Biology (MCB)
Biology- Chemistry- Geography (BCG)

Mathematics- Physics- Computer (MPC)

Mathematics- Physics- Biology (MPB)


Our Address

Eastern Province, Rwamagana District,Gishari Sector

  • +250788329149

  • P.o.Box 60 Rwamagana