Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign: A potential tool for successful education transformation

Ngoma; 28 January 2019: Today the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and its affiliated institutions have conducted Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign Phase IV in 30 districts across the country. This campaign is scheduled from 28th January 2019 to 8th February 2019.

It was observed that a lot has been achieved in the Education sector. However, there is need to set more strategies to improve and maintain expected quality of education. One of those strategies is to organize continuous Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign in all districts across the country.

During the previous campaigns, phase I covered 622 schools, phase II 628 and phase III 899 schools. All three first phases focused on general school inspection and sensitization on school dropout, class repetition, drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies, school leadership, implementation of school feeding program, integration of ICT in teaching and learning, school hygiene and sanitation, proper use of the medium of instruction and verification of qualification for some teachers in relation to their teaching subjects.

But this phase will mainly focus on teaching and learning, and other pedagogical aspects. Engagement of different educational stakeholders especially staff at district and sector levels in charge of Education advancement, School Head teachers, Deputy Head teachers will be reinforced.

The Ministry of Education expects improvement from this campaign and this was witnessed from 3 previous successful campaigns.


MUNYANEZA Bernard, Inspector of Education in Ministry of Education during the first day of campaign in GS Kabeza.


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