A public lecture on fight against corruption through Raising Youth Voices against the evil

Gishari 1 November 2018: the Ministry of Youth along with its stakeholders such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Local Government, Rwanda National Police, Rwanda Investigation Bureau, Office of Ombudsman, Transparency International Rwanda; organized, through video conferencing, celebrations of African Youth Day 2018 under the theme “Raising Youth Voices against Corruption”. This event took place at IPRC Gishari’s conference hall and was mainly prepared with the aim of promoting the increase recognition of youth as key agents of change, economic growth and sustainable development. Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) Gishari was selected together with other institutions such as ULK and UTB to host this event since students are considered as key players in fight against corruption.

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The Principal of IPRC Gishari SSP David Kabuye (C) providing opening remarks

In his opening remarks, the Principal of IPRC Gishari; SSP Kabuye highlighted the importance of this day to students and youth’s contribution in eradicating corruption in all aspects. He also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Youth and stakeholder which organized this event.

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IPRC Gishari students attending the event


Among the guest speaker, one can note the Permanent Secretary of MINIYOUTH Mr. Emmanuel Bigenimana. He focused on the contribution of Rwandan youth in the campaign against corruption. “Stopping corruption is youth’s special mission in case of failure to do so, we will be brought to justice” he added. In addition, he reminded the participants that youth was empowered through all means which enable it to realize the above special mission. While addressing through video conferencing, the Permanent Secretary of MINIYOUTH discussed the effect of corruption in economic aspect of our country. “Corruption is the greatest obstacle to African development” he said. 


At the end, all participants expressed their willingness in the battle of fighting against corruption in all its forms. 







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