IPRC Gishari participated in FESPAD

The Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) Gishari participated, yesterday on 31st July 2018, in “Festival Panafricain de la Danse” FESPAD organised in Rwamagana District. Rwanda is now hosting this FESPAD on its 10th edition which will take place in other various districts such as Huye, Nyanza, etc. The Pan-African Dance Festival continued with different countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Rwanda which presented their culture through cultural products exhibition and traditional dance performances. It is in this context that IPRC Gishari presented its products and services to the participants.


                        Participants visiting IPRC Gishari stand

The Mayor of Rwamagana District, Mr. Mbonyumuvunyi Radjab welcomed all the participants in his remarks. We are honored to host the 10th Biennial Pan-African Dance Festival. he added.

The Governor of Eastern Province, Mr. Mufulukye Fred, with other guests visited from various countries visited IPRC Gishari stand. In his remarks, the governor Mufulukye appreciated the efforts of participants and he strongly requested them to safeguard the culture.


From left to right, Governor Fred Mufulukye of Eastern Province, H.E. Lulit Zewdie Gebremariam, Ambassador of Ethiopia and the Minister of Culture of Burkina Faso Mr. Abdul Kalim Sango visited IPRC Gishari stand


IPRC Gishari presented a number of projects as illustrated below in images.


                             Governor Fred Mufulukye and other visitors explored car lighting system project



                                            Students from GS St Aloys Rwamagana surveyed vehicle start and restriction system



                                       Foreign people also visited IPRC Gishari stand to look at different projects exhibited





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