Rwanda Polytechnic 2nd Graduation Ceremony: Rwanda’s ambition to increase enrollment in TVET up to 60% by 2024

Kigali, 21st March 2019:  2nd Graduation Ceremony for students of Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) took place at IPRC Kigali Stadium in Kigali city. The main speaker in this event was the Minister of Education Hon. Dr. Eugene MUTIMURA who is also the Chancellor and guest of honour.

During this graduation ceremony, diploma and advanced diploma were awarded to 2,088 graduates of 8 colleges. Among these graduates, IPRC Gishari has 183 graduates mainly consists of 154 males and 29 females. Graduates were awarded their diploma in Civil Engineering, Irrigation and Water Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Hospitality Management, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Tourism, Forest Resources Management, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Mining Engineering. 

graduation 1

 Graduates attending this event

The Minister of Education, Dr. Eugene MUTIMURA said that the government ‘s ambitious target is to  increase enrollment in TVET up to 60% by 2024 compared to students enrolled in general education, increase the number of TVET schools, engage and increase ownership of private sector to TVET education system, provide adequate training resources and consumables, upgrading TVET trainers with technical and pedagogical skills as well as providing in-country and abroad industrial exposure for both trainers and students adding that this should go together with quality TVET delivery. 

graduation 3

 Minister of Education Dr. Eugene MUTIMURA conferring Diploma and Advanced Diploma to graduands

In his welcome remarks, Dr. James GASHUMBA, the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic believes that RP takes seriously the responsibility of training and equipping the young people with professional and competitive skills for the current and emerging labour market and updating of their skills in an ever-changing technological era. He also said that RP strives for enhancing their capacity for lifelong learning and good citizenship.

 Dr. James GASHUMBA acknowledged the contribution and emphasis the Rwandan government and different partners have put into TVET.

 We really acknowledge the efforts that the government of has been putting in TVET development and also appreciate the contributions and supports of all TVET Development partners and private sector in process of improving the quality of TVET education.” Dr. GASHUMBA said.

graduation 2

 Dr. James GASHUMBA, the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic delivering his remarks

In this ceremony, best performing students for each college was awarded and there were also awards for 2 best females. IPRC Gishari’s Martin NIYONIRINGIYE and Valentine MUKAMURENZI from Civil Engineering were given positive laptops in recognition for their outstanding performance.

graduation 4

 Martin NIYONIRINGIYE and Valentine MUKAMURENZI, IPRC Gishari’s best performers and SSP David KABUYE, the Principal of IPRC Gishari 

Established in 2017, with its mission being to provide quality education that complies with applicable standards through vocational education that enables the beneficiary to acquire skills required to create jobs and compete in the labour market, RP has produced skilled graduates who are able to create their own jobs or are employed in the private sector or public service.

Rwanda Polytechnic held its maiden graduation ceremony on June 28, 2018 with a total number of 1,882 graduates.

graduation 5

graduation 6

graduation 8

graduation 9

Valentine MUKAMURENZI being awarded a positivo laptop by the Minister of Education as best female performer

graduation 10

Martin NIYONIRINGIYE being awarded a positivo laptop by the Minister of Education as overall best performer at IPRC Gishari






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