100 participants benefit a three-day intensive Pilot ToT Pre Next Generation Entrepreneurship Training Programme organised by Handong Global University from Republic of Korea

Gishari 16 August 2019: Handong Global University from Republic of Korea in partnership with Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) Gishari concluded a three-day intensive training named Pre Next Generation Entrepreneurship Training Programme from 14 to 16 August 2019. This training targeted at least 100 staff from IPRCs and other staff from both public and private sector.

Pre NGET 1Trainers participated in Pre-NGET Programme at closing ceremony

Trainers participated in this pilot phase of ToT were equipped with skills and knowledge through various lectures such as entrepreneurship, marketing, business model development and technology convergence. This was facilitated by a team made of Professors Beom-ha Jee, Hye-kyu Lee, Myoung-sool Do, Sang-wha Lee and Doo-hee Chung, Coordinator Homin Sok and 11 students of Handong Global University.In addition, in order to raise awareness among faculty members of the IPRC, practical training was also provided through group activities to come up with business idea development and lean canvases that could lead to social innovation.

In his opening remarks, the Principal of IPRC Gishari SSP David Kabuye appreciated this training as it will be a milestone to youth in finding solutions to problems identified in society.  "This program will be source of knowledge. First from here we will transfer our skills to the younger generation. From this training we expect a lot especially the skills that will help our young youth to identify social problems and find solutions" SSP David Kabuye said.

Dr. James Gashumba, the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic and also the guest of honour believes that the Pre-NGET's initiative aims at developing entrepreneurship skills among teachers and staff in general in TVET schools and then help students to become entrepreneurs.

According to Dr. Beomha Jee, Programme Director of Pre NGET Programme, "Pre NGET program is an intensive training programme on entrepreneurship as part of the UNESCO UNITWIN project which help capacity building for sustainable development among developing countries. Its purpose is to help develop entrepreneurship mindset in the minds of the people in the developing countries – that gives incentives and nourishes the capacity for sustainable development for them. Through the Pre-NGET, the participants will be able to taste the entrepreneurial spirit, learn the basic skill-set necessary to start a new business as an entrepreneur".

This pilot ToT of Pre-NGET Programme implementation is a result of partnership agreement between IPRC Gishari and Handong Global University following a Momorandum of Understanding signed between both institutions on December 13, 2018 under UNESCO-UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) for capacity building of sustainable development and internationalization of higher education in line with UNAI (UN Academic Impact) for developing countries.

Pre-NGET 2

The Principal of IPRC Gishari SSP David Kabuye addressing the participants and guests

Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic Dr. James Gashumba

Dr. Jee

Dr. Beomha Jee Programme Director of Pre NGET Programme


 Pannel during project presentation


Facilitators from Handong Global University during Pre-NGET Programme


Guests attending Pre-NGET closing ceremony 

Souvenir pic

Souvenir picture of trainees, professors and guests 


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