Mechanical Engineering


About us:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is among the departments operating in IPRC Gishari. It is a part of Advanced Diploma Programmes among others. From the academic year 2015/2016, the department was introducedwith one option of Automobile Technology which takes three years.

The department has highly qualified teaching staff,equipment and infrastructures. Continuing Education programs and customized training/workshops are being organized for industry personnel on regular basis.Students of the department are actively involved in various extracurricular activities and extension activities.Various mini projects are prepared and presented by students with the aim of developing the spirit of innovation.It is this context that one student from this department, GAKWAYA Samuel, participated in a Competition organized by the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) which took place in Morocco and emerged the second in the competition with his project entitled “Extraction of banana fiber”. This project is about producing affordable sanitary pads.


Considering the mission and the vision of the IPRC Gishari, the aim of this department is to produce, on labour market, technicians with competitive knowledge and skills. The goodengineer should be to innovate, design, create, manufacture, build, join, repair, code and modify the whole world surrounding him/her. Additionally, sole purpose of an engineer is not only to find out the solutions of the existing problems, but also to find out the problem itself.


Advanced Diploma graduates from Automobile Technology should be able to:

1.Carry out major and minor repair and adjustment, service, disassemble, check, repair and reassemble car systems and mechanisms.

2.Make inspection to cars before and after repair or services.

3.Interpret, improve and implement any automotive project.

 4. Manage materials and human resources in automotive industry.

5. Create and revolutionise any automotive fields according to the needs of the society as well as labour market.

Programme learning outcomes

An advanced diploma graduates from Automobile Technology should be able to:

1. Maintain and repair automotive engine systems and mechanisms.

2. Maintain and repair transmission systems.

3. Maintain and repair automotive chassis systems.

4.  Maintain and repair auto-electricity systems.

5. Maintain and repair auto-tronics and comfort systems.

6. Apply engineering principles in automotive field.

7.  Apply knowledge, skills and attitudes gained from the studies in order to contribute to country development.

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